BJD beagles!

If anyone has visited Iplehouse lately, then perhaps you have seen these beauties:


BJD beagles!

I am familiar with different sites creating BJD animals, but personally, I haven’t seen any as cute as these. They even have different coat options:



Caramel Apple:


Vanilla Gold:


And the beagle in the very first picture is Autumn Bronze.

But wait, it gets better….

Who doesn’t love PUPPIES?

Puppy Heart Brown:


There are six puppies total that all have different coat options, though I don’t want to list them all here. If I were you, I would head over to Iplehouse and check these cuties out ASAP. I have a feeling they are not going to last very long.

And if you’re worried about price…they aren’t as expensive as other BJD pets/animals I have seen.

Iplehouse has really outdone themselves this time. Guess who has added one of these to their Christmas list this year? This chick!

A Long Awaited Return

I’m back.

Did you miss me? I hope not.

Long story short, life gets in the way and this blog had to take a backseat for a year…or two…or three. Anyway, I am back with vengeance. And I have Keith and Fawn with me.

A lot can change over the course of three years. Keith and Fawn are not the same as they were at the start of this blog, that’s for sure. It’s amazing what the right wardrobe and wig can do for a sculpt.


Keith and Fawn are both in appropriate (post apocalyptic) attire and I FINALLY found a wig that suits Fawn. The question I am asking myself now is why I waited so long to buy her a fur wig.


What’s the saddest part about this post? While photographing Fawn, I noticed that she seems to be missing a few eyelashes…well, okay. She is missing all of her eyelashes on her right eye.


Needless to say, I am pissed. They must have fallen off when I was transferring them back and forth when I redid my bedroom and I failed to notice. Well, the vacuum cleaner has it now.

This is an excuse to buy her a new pair and blog about it though, right?

Keith really looks different.


I am so pleased with his outfit and accessories. All of which, by the way, are courtesy of Tata’s Paradise.

So what is my to-do list?

  1. Get Fawn some new eyelashes. And later review them.
  2. Review Fawn’s new fur wig.
  3. Make a post about Keith’s accessories.
  4. Complain about other sculpts I want.
  5. …basically keep up with this blog.


An Underrated Site


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I talk a lot about Souldoll and Iplehouse, but that’s because my dolls are from there. They have great products and sculpts, obviously, but I feel as though I need to give some more credit to other sites.

I don’t know a whole lot about every other site simply because I haven’t bought other dolls from them (YET. I do have plans to buy from Crobidoll someday. Their sculpts are beautiful). But I would like to take the time to talk about one site in particular that has caught my eye.

Peakswoods is a BJD site that isn’t as well known as the other sites, or so I feel. Out of all the box opening videos and BJD prompt videos I’ve watched, I’ve only seen about two people who own Peakswoods dolls (granted I haven’t deliberately searched for Peakswoods box opening or BJD prompt videos, mostly because I like to see all kinds of sculpts. Equality!) Their dolls are beautiful and unique. If I were you I would definitely head over there and check them out.

In particular, I was looking at their FOF Rabbit Goon sculpt. What a name, huh? I don’t know what it is with my attraction to dolls with squinty eyes – I blame Keith, actually. His eyes are kind of squinty.

Anyhow, that little Rabbit is only 26 cm tall. It’s YoSD sized. I don’t know if they intended for it to be so small, because it is modeled after Alice in Wonderland (the white rabbit is small, the sculpt is small? Yes? Nobody? Okay.)
The cool thing about this sculpt is that you can choose for it to have a boy or girl body. It looks like a little boy and I’d buy him as a boy, but because this hobby is so diverse, I wouldn’t be surprised with someone ordering a girl body and making it into a girl.

I can’t help but wonder why they aren’t so popular. Is it because people don’t find them attractive enough? I think they’re average priced, so maybe it’s a popularity issue? Maybe it’s something behind the scenes, like make period, shipping process, or communication. I’m not sure.

I want to order a Fairyland A la Carté (and that will definitely be my next buy) blank and get a faceup done on her, but now I’m thinking maybe I’ll have the same thing done on a Peakswoods doll. I think they’re attractive and generously priced (that’s not something to say in this hobby, but whatever). Hopefully both of those faceups will be from Nicolle’s Dreams!

Spring Clothes Arrival


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Huzzah, the new clothes for my spoiled brats have arrived! TTYA is always a great site to order from. They’re very friendly and rather quick with shipping. Probably the best thing about them – other than their great clothing selection and kindness – is their Etsy account (here). You can get half of their items there for lesser money than on their home site (I think it has to do with shipping. I was going to order straight from their site but I think what made me reconsider was the shipping cost). Which, when you think about it, isn’t a big deal if you really want something from their site. If you want it, get it.

I said in my last post about these clothes that Keith’s shirt looked blue/teal. Well, I was right! It says “faded green,” but no, it’s a blue, which is what I wanted because it compliments his eyes. And can we look at Fawn for a second? My gosh, I’ve found her cutest outfit yet! Huge props to TTYA, yet again. They never let me down. She looks so cute in her tights, combat boots and sweater dress. Oh, and that beanie to match Keith’s! (Although, you may be able to tell in the picture, but it’s a little too big for her head. She’s only 58.7 cm while Keith is 61 cm, so his head is bigger than hers).







Sorry about the sort of blurry quality, I took these in the morning when the light wasn’t exactly “perfect.”

My Favorite Face-up Artist


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Every doll has a face-up, whether it’s company made, made by you, or made by another artist. (I mean you could always order a blank doll, but I don’t know who would leave them blank for the duration of their existence).

As you may know, Keith and Fawn both have default company face-ups. However, I plan on having the next doll I purchase get a custom face-up, and I know exactly who to go to.

She happens to be my favorite face-up artist to date. She goes by “Nicolle’s Dreams.” She has a beautiful blog here as well as her own YouTube channel here. Watch one of her videos – she does beautiful work.

Spring Clothes


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Spring clothes shopping is a must. For me, anyway. I can’t go running around in just last year’s stuff and I definitely can’t keep wearing my winter clothes through the spring/summer. Therefore, it’s shopping time!

…More specifically, for Keith and Fawn.

That’s right. I bought myself some new spring stuff, therefore I bought my dolls some new stuff too. Keith is going to stay in his white jeans, white beanie and high-tops because, well, that’s fine for spring. But I got him a new teal/aqua colored T-shirt to match his eyes.

It looks like this:

I know it says “faded green,” but that looks blue to me. You can find it here on Etsy or at their actual website (Note that doll is a model from TTYA, not Keith).

I got Fawn the same beanie I got Keith, but in black. It matches the new  oversized sweater I got her. I know, you don’t have to tell me – “An oversized sweater? How hipster! How wrong! An oversized sweater isn’t spring appropriate!”
It is to me.

She’s going to rock that sweater and look damn cute, too. I’m keeping her in her combat boots and white tights. The sweater should be long enough to cover her rump and thighs, but if needed I’ll keep her in her denim shorts.

The sweater looks like this:

You can find it here on Etsy (it is also from ttyacom) or again on

My order for this new shipment of goodies has shipped, but isn’t here yet, so again, the doll above is a model for TTYA, not Fawn. I’ll definitely be doing a photoshoot of them in their new spring stuff when it gets here. Until then!

“BJD Addicts”


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Being in this hobby is awesome, but I remember when I wasn’t actually in the hobby yet; instead looking in from the outside, quite literally. There are forums and websites for those in the hobby, but did you know that there are YouTube videos too? They’re called “BJD Prompts” for “BJD Addicts.” A regular girl on YouTube started a channel dedicated to all things BJD, and eventually she made an army of followers on her channel. She’s great, as most people in this hobby are, so you should check out her channel here.

Just because you aren’t in the hobby doesn’t mean you can’t/shouldn’t watch her videos. She says a lot about BJDs. Most importantly are her prompt videos; each of them are different, interesting, and open for anyone to participate in. I used to watch prompt videos even before I had BJDs of my own. I found that it was a fun way to see more doll sculpts and meet more people – in the hobby or not.

Check her out – here’s her opening video for her page.

Oh no!


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Souldoll is discontinuing dolls! *Cries*

As you may know, I’ve been eyeing up Yeon-bee for a while now. I went to look at her profile again and – boom. As soon as you go to Souldoll, the news is right in your face. They’re discontinuing some of their sculpts.

Now, I must say, I’m not THAT affected. They’re only discontinuing a select few and there are only two models that I’m sad to see go. They’re the Lev and Mayu models. I think Lev has such an adorable face and, believe it or not, Mayu was in the running against a few other female sculpts when I was deciding which one my Fawn character would fit best.

Souldoll holds a special place in my heart because Keith (my first BJD) is from there and they have some beautiful sculpts. I’m sad to see these sculpts go, but I’m excited to see new sculpts come in. Who knows, maybe the Yeon-bee model I want will have some competition coming up soon.

BJD Eyes


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Want to take a stab at what this post is about? All eyes are on you for this one.



Creepy? Pretty? (Your opinion is irrelevant).
Those are the eyes of Keith and Fawn. I must say, they photograph nice.

What’s your favorite eye color? Blue? Green? Hazel? Grey?
…Red? Pink? White? Black? Cat? Floral? Multi?

Wait.. what?

That’s right. BJD eyes come in many different colors and styles.

Though I think all BJD eyes look nice, some types are definitely better than others. Some are more durable, some look better, and some last longer. It just depends on the type.

BJD eyes are held in the doll’s “eye sockets” by eye putty. Eye putty comes with your doll but is also sold from nearly every company.

BJD eyes are also different in the way they are made (on the back of the eye). Some have long stems and some don’t have stems at all. Stems help you position the eye in the socket better than eyes that have no stem (or really short stems). However, some eyes don’t have stems because their dome (the very round part of the eye) protrudes out far or the eyes are made for dolls who have very small heads (long-stemmed eyes won’t fit in smaller head sizes because they’re too long).

The main types of BJD eyes are:

If you want to read about them in-depth, then go here.

Personally, some of my favorite doll eyes are sold from Keith has simple blue acrylic eyes, and I must say they’re great. (Here are his eyes).

Though these eyes are cool…

These are definitely the scariest (in my opinion). These are actual dolls. They’re their own sculpt. They aren’t just eyes, you buy the doll like this. (Definitely not my kind of doll…no offense to any owners of these types of dolls. Maybe I’ll cover these in my next post. We’ll see).

BJD Wigs


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We all have hair (even you bald folk). So obviously BJDs have hair too (SHOCKER, RIGHT). But, did you know that there are several different kinds of BJD wigs? No, I’m not talking style. Like human hair styles, BJD wig styles differ in the hundreds. What I’m talking about is material.

We all cut, dye, style, and decorate our hair. Some girls even wear feathers. Could you imagine your actual hair being made of… fur?

That’s right. Fur. Some BJD companies make wigs out of fur, called simply “fur” wigs or “mohair” wigs.

To start simply, there are fiber wigs, which are the most common. (Fawn has a fiber wig!) They aren’t made of real hair, but style just the same. They also come in the same colors (every hue of the rainbow as well) and style like human hair does. Did I mention you can style heat-resistant fiber wigs? Well you can. If you buy a wig that is naturally straight, but get bored, take your curling iron to it. Play around. Dye it. Do whatever you please. Have a curly wig that you’d like to see straightened? Take your straightener to it. It’s that easy. (Most fiber wigs are heat-resistant and the company will list if it is such).

Then there’s mohair wigs. Mohair wigs are fluffy. That’s the best way to describe them. They’re made from the hair of goats and sheep that still have the skin attached. That’s right… skin. Others take the wool from the sheep and attach it to a wig cap (wig cap being the half circle of a certain material that fits on a doll’s head). Like I said, these wigs are fluffy and soft.

Next up is fur wigs. Fur wigs are funky fresh. And, believe it or not, fur wigs are made from synthetic craft furs instead of real furs (I feel better about these wigs too, trust me). They’re very soft and very easy to style. How do I know? Because Keith’s wig is a fur wig. (Winning). They’re rather self explanatory.

And finally.. human hair wigs. Yup. Human hair. Surprised? I honestly wouldn’t be. They’re the more uncommon of that listed above. But, if you do get your hands on a real human hair BJD wig, then guess what? You’ve got some advantages. That wig will dye, bleach, curl, straighten and color better than the rest. Why? Because it’s real. What’s the downfall of real human hair BJD wigs? … Split ends, frizz, static, burnt hair.. yup. Just like our hair. Duh. The thing is, how do you tell the difference between a fiber and human hair wig? Well, you don’t, unless the company specifies or you do some experimenting once you have said wig.

(To be honest with you I can’t tell if these wigs are human hair or fiber, so here ya go either way. Hurray for more pictures).