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I can talk about BJD companies all I want, but bottom line is, you won’t understand just how many sites there are unless I actually show you. And, I’m going to do just that.

In my previous posts, I’ve mentioned a handful of different websites/companies and linked to several of which. Before I tell you what’s what in this hobby, go explore some sites for yourself – that way, when a question arises, I’ll answer it sometime along the line.

Keep in mind that these sites have doll nudity and, if that bothers you for whatever reason, then you’re in the wrong place.

There is no particular site where a specific person must go. It’s purely interest-driven. Each site is very different in the products they sell. One common theme (other than the obvious) – good service.

These sites are in no particular order.

First up is souldoll, where I got Keith and eventually Adalyn (as I mentioned previously).

iplehouse, where I got Fawn.









Doll Chateau


As well as some “middleman” sites that are here, in the US, that buy dolls from companies and sell them to you with less of a shipping cost.

Mint on Card

Junky spot

Alice’s Collections

Denver Doll

Those are just a few BJD sites. If you want the in-depth list, go here.

Lost? Don’t worry. I’m here for ya.