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Want to take a stab at what this post is about? All eyes are on you for this one.



Creepy? Pretty? (Your opinion is irrelevant).
Those are the eyes of Keith and Fawn. I must say, they photograph nice.

What’s your favorite eye color? Blue? Green? Hazel? Grey?
…Red? Pink? White? Black? Cat? Floral? Multi?

Wait.. what?

That’s right. BJD eyes come in many different colors and styles.

Though I think all BJD eyes look nice, some types are definitely better than others. Some are more durable, some look better, and some last longer. It just depends on the type.

BJD eyes are held in the doll’s “eye sockets” by eye putty. Eye putty comes with your doll but is also sold from nearly every company.

BJD eyes are also different in the way they are made (on the back of the eye). Some have long stems and some don’t have stems at all. Stems help you position the eye in the socket better than eyes that have no stem (or really short stems). However, some eyes don’t have stems because their dome (the very round part of the eye) protrudes out far or the eyes are made for dolls who have very small heads (long-stemmed eyes won’t fit in smaller head sizes because they’re too long).

The main types of BJD eyes are:

If you want to read about them in-depth, then go here.

Personally, some of my favorite doll eyes are sold from Souldoll.com. Keith has simple blue acrylic eyes, and I must say they’re great. (Here are his eyes).

Though these eyes are cool…

These are definitely the scariest (in my opinion). These are actual dolls. They’re their own sculpt. They aren’t just eyes, you buy the doll like this. (Definitely not my kind of doll…no offense to any owners of these types of dolls. Maybe I’ll cover these in my next post. We’ll see).